Pete Gardiner is one of those rarest of musicians, a true songsmith. Pete paints pictures with words, a poet who sets his stories to music.

From an early age he fell in love with the music of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen and you can clearly see their influence in many of his songs. Growing up in Northern Ireland in the 90’s, there was no shortage of subject matter for Pete’s unique ability with words and from a very early age he crafted some very thought provoking and meaningful songs.


As Pete matured as a songwriter he was drawn to his idols more and more and began to discover them on a whole new level. As he says of Dylan and Cohen “They are both as endearing as each other, they can take you as far as you are willing to go and then drag you that little bit further. I learn more and more from them every day.” It is these influences that have shaped Pete into the lyricist that he is today. The more you listen to his songs, the more you hear and are amazed at how he can put words together in a way that may make you laugh or cry, but will certainly make you take notice.


Whether writing about a doomed, alcohol fuelled love affair, or poking fun at our celebrity obsessed culture, Pete quickly amassed a catalogue of great music that gained a lot of support from local BBC radio stations. This brought him to the attention of a major UK radio group who tipped off a record label which resulted in Pete signing his first recording contract.


Pete’s debut album was recorded with award winning Irish producer Tommy McLaughlin (The Villagers) and mastered at Abbey Road. The album earned some great critical reviews and won him many new fans, particularly amongst the media. The first single from the album, ‘Idols’ enjoyed lots of airplay around the UK, was a featured ‘Record of the Day’ in the trade magazine and had over 12,000 views of the video on You Tube. The follow up, 'All These Things', received thousands of plays on Spotify and was supported on BBC Radio 2 by presenter Janice Long.


Pete also spent time in Ireland last year with composer and producer Pol Brennan of the band Clannad, co-writing the title track for the movie 'Property of the State' which premiered at the Galway film Festival and was released and the end of last year.


Earlier this year, Pete spent some time working with top songwriters in Nashville after being invited there by American song plugger Gil Grand. Gil discovered Pete's music online and was impressed by the story telling aspect of the lyrics and Americana influenced melodies and is now helping Pete to fulfil his ambition to write for established artists in the States.


More recently, Pete has hooked up with the music company Animal Farm whose MD, Ville Leppanen, saw Pete perform at The Islington in London and was so impressed that he immediately asked to work with him.

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